Zillon le Champion: a new book to discover

Zillon le Champion: a new book to discover

Author and singer-songwriter from Saint-Lambert-de-Lauzon, Colombe Dufour (pictured), presents her new book Zillon le Champion, published by Éditions Colombel from October 15.

“I present a story, a biographical novel describing the life of my father, Joseph Dufour, born in 1914, a jigging champion! First of all, it is the story of Joseph, a very special boy born in a humble family in Isle-aux-Coudres, who one day, thanks to his perseverance, became the provincial champion in running. His jig with flights worthy of the Olympic Games earned him the nickname Zillon from the islanders who, in their own way, recognized his talent. From Isle-aux-Coudres to Saint-Lambert-de-Lauzon, where he spent the last years of his life, he was able to develop his art with extraordinary determination. […] For me it is a dedication to my father, after writing about my mother. In my writing process I reached out to my older cousins, sisters and brothers who have very fond memories! I feel that I have achieved a real achievement”, the author described with joy.

The dedication book intended for a wide audience was illustrated by painter Kim Veilleux. Songs written for download and produced by the author accompany her work. Colombe Dufour’s novel is available at and on request in bookstores.

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